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I've developed a few Flash-games in the past, doing ActionScript 2.0/3.0 coding. I've animated Madness Combat sprites a lot, see Madness Havocization. Did some frame-by-frame special effects. And I always demand high quality from myself and others.


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What I have been doing in the past:

1) Was working on an animation loop set for Deshiel's music and involving his character. I'm done with it, because I have many more things planned for this summer. So I'm waiting for Deshiel to find a new artist to draw the background and submit it to the Portal, so we can get our well-deserved 3 stars (jk, 2.5).

2) Started drawing a fanart based on Nosuku's work (but delayed it as soon as started it). It's going to be a set of Madness character sprites, in non-traditional style, fully suitable and ready for animation. I'd rather not show the WIP, because I want this to be a huge surprise (but already spoiled it to 2 people, damn the impatient me...). Oh, and I asked Nosuku what are the names of all of his characters, and he paid no heed to my question. I am not sure what to do: repeat my question or go along with it and make up my own names. He appears to be Japanese... the names would be Japanese too. And those would sound funny. So I'm stuck.

3) I was drawing pictures, studying anatomy, poses, proportions, backgrounds. I was especially hard on hands, feet and boots. I'd rather not show these pictures, I've already showed them to my friends, so why bother again.

I was trying to use the shiny effects, such as edge highlights, more accurately. I was also developing a neat vector style to use in my Madness sprites.

Sometimes I'm trying to teach other people to draw. However, I do not remember a single occasion when someone actually used my advices (related to art), even when they specificially asked for it. When people see a set of my instructions they go like: "holy crap, I don't understand anything". Or they may try to do as I described, and then they revert to their old habits. My conclusion is that teaching someone is utterly useless, unless you're a professional and writing a whole book on the subject. Or it's pointless to explain something unless the person begs you to give advice. The best option is to improve your own skills, not waste too much time helping others.  People will see your work when it's done, and those who really want to, will learn from it without your aid.

4) Grandmother and father came to my brother's wedding and delayed my current project for 4 days. They create so much noise and hassle and ask so much for my attention that I'm unable to build up concentration (and my sanity is inversely proportional to the concentration built).

The only thing that I truly want to do is to draw. I don't really want to work on any projects (which are results of daydreaming, however, doing projects is not as fun as thinking them up). I just want to have fun doing something that I like for as long as it brings joy. That would a perfect project for me, and it will most certainly involve character artwork in some neat vector style.

Current list of projects:

1) Project MAS (Mobile Animation Studio). A small remake of Flash for mobile Android devices. There won't be a public release, as I have no idea how to efficiently code it. I mean, I do have an idea. But that will take MONTHS to make, with full-time work schedule. And I'm making this thing for ONE particular person. So I cannot allow myself to spend more than 2 weeks on it, and 5 days have already passed.

The only things that are made for project MAS are button, window and icon artworks, a plan of the interface and a scheme describing some of the important classes, their functionalities, who is going to handle what, etc. Some problematic places such as redrawing contents of large windows when scrolling are thought out. Possibilities of use of Flex or Spark components are investigated, but I'm scared off by MXML and skins. I haven't tried hard to learn it, though. And I've read here that Flex causes major overhead. NOT SURE HOW. But I'd be interested to create MAS' interface on my own, as that still seems ... almost interesting.

It is important to note that Project MAS is actually the fundamental idea behind Madness Customization II that I had in my head when I agreed to help 1999Elias with the sequel. The idea is to create an app which allows people who do not have Flash to create Madness animations. Then the user would be able to port those animations to Flash using JSFL and a folder with exported PNG images with transparency. And all of that would lag horribly: the app and it's ported Flash version, because of bitmaps. Yes-yes, graphics acceleration, I know. Flash does not use it by default.

2) Eshio's collab for Madness Day. I promised him I'd start making my part around the middle of August. And here I am. Still working on MAS. I guess I'll have to begin a crazy rush at the beginning of September. And I'm afraid I might fall out of university studies due to sleepless nights spent working.

3) GrabeL168 is hosting a collab for Madness Day. It has not started yet. But oh shit... if it does start, I have no idea how I am going to make anything in time for it. Right now I'm actually frightened for my life. With this work attitude I will sooner or later end up in hospital with some heart/spine sickness. Not talking about my mental health... How I wish to stop doing things for other people and just enjoy my life drawing pretty pictures.

4) Nosuku fanart, of course. I'd like to do an animation with those sprites, when they're finished, but no, that will take time, and I have other things to accomplish that were before them, so old ideas are more important than new ones.

5) I promised one person that I'd draw a couple of backgrounds for him. That's going to be a few days of work.

6) I'd like to do a little semi-FBF test. I'm not going to focus on quality art for it. I'll focus completely on camera angles, timing, animation and on delivering what's going on in my head. And it's kind of weird. This shall be a glorious tribute to events that were happening in beginning of July, when Kkots Ng decided to leave his comfortable lair of Depression and Agony, and Havoc Crew was resurrected from its cold, dusty grave solely by his formidable efforts... Then shit happened -.0

7) I need to learn to draw anatomy better (must memorize all the most important muscles on the torso, hands, legs, neck, etc, so I can draw those brutal mountains of muscles), I need to learn how to break the body and head down into simple shapes (my current method is impossible to explain, it works fine, however, I'd like to be on the right side), I need to learn to draw human realistic faces (a friend gave me a book about it, but I don't get some vital parts of it). I also need to practice drawing lighting on the scenes and all the details, I need to work with color somehow, and pencils won't do it - I need to start drawing on the computer already, master my Wacom graphic tablet. I need to draw more difficult poses, memorize how elbows, knees, torso and neck are bent. I need to study composition - a mix of staging, lighting, posing, camera posing, perspective, ugh... kill me please. I need to expand my knowledge about clothes: what kinds of clothers are out there, how do they look from any angle, what details/ornaments can be put on them, how to draw wrinkles in three dimensions and shade them properly, how does ornamentation morph when on wrinkles. I need to study medieval armor - the most important of all. But modern stuff is OK as well.

The order is not defined by how much I want to do each task. It is defined by urgency. Things that I do for myself and that no one asked for have the lowest urgency. They will always keep being delayed and delayed FOREVER, while there are people who are able to contact me and ask me to do something. I wish all those people to di..not ask me to do anything, at least. But NO.. I want to help them, I want to be a part of the society, I feel like I'm on some holy mission where I can save the world only by drawing shitty pictures and animating shitty tests for whoever accidentally drops 1 word that he would like to see something done. I'm getting tired of rambling about it. Guess I'll have to live with it, and it will never end. So I need to find a way to relax and enjoy it... relax and enjoy the rape. (чертит вокруг себя круг, садится в позу недокувырка и начинает призывать сатану приглушенным мычанием).



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